My passion is to define brands. 

I help companies to define their brand so that it first comes essential to their own people and then to clients. In this order.

I believe that corporate brand cannot be truly meaningful to your clients unless it’s meaningful to your employees. Everyone in your company is responsible of your company s reputation. They are, like it or not, company's marketers 24/7. The question is, how to create a strong, solid brand for your company and make everyone committed to your company? 

I work closely together with your staff to define your company's DNA and the essential elements it has been built on. We go through your vision, mission, values, clients, market, trying to find the one thing that differs you from the competitors. After finding the core of the brand we continue to define your new position and strategic message and The Promise. As we have worked passionated and been honest to our hearts, it is easy to design the brand and implement your company story to any media. The company story is crucial while trying to effect people and it must be based on the fundamentals that are relevant to your company only. 

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”  - Dalai Lama XIV